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Windows Server 2012: Quality of Service


Frenz, as shared Windows Server 2012 is packed with full of goodness. It’s no longer just a Server Operating System but it’s a Cloud Operating System! Why cloud?

In my coming blogs tagged with Windows Server 2012, you will see native technology from WS2012 really helps you in a Cloud Management Perspective.

Here I would like to share a video on Quality of Service (QoS). What is QoS? In short it gives you the ability to enforce Bandwidth Caps (Maximum Bandwidth) as well as Bandwidth Floors (Minimum Bandwidth).

Minimum Bandwidth will help Service Providers to ensure that even in a congested situation, their SLA with their customers will still be fulfilled!

See here, QoS in Action!

If you are interested to have a copy yourself, please download them here



Windows Server 2012 – Deep Dive!


Good Morning guys. As I’m doing a deep dive into Windows Server 2012 features and functionality, I’ve decided to share with you my spoils. Each of these PDF will elaborate in-depth of how these features works!

Among the top features of Windows Server 2012 are as follows:

  1. Management & Automation
  2. Storage
  3. Hyper-V
  4. Networking
  5. Identity and Access
  6. VDI

These datasheets will help you to understand that Windows Server 2012 isn’t just another operating system but a built-in power-pack technology suite!