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SCO2012: Full Features/Capabilities

Holla Guys,

Orchestrator is a workflow management solution for the data center. Orchestrator lets you automate the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment

Key Values of SCO are:

  • Multi-Vendor Integration, NO-RIP & REPLACE or Vendor Lock-in
  • Pre-built activities & workflow processes
  • Coding & Scripting IS NOT NEEDED for Configuration or workflows
  • Cross Platform Integration with Microsoft & Non-Microsoft Products

*All items in RED are SP1 Features

System Center Orchestrator 2012

Key Features:


  • Activities Performs 3 actions Access Published Data, Perform Some Action & Publish New Data
  • Workflow Control
  • Tools
    • Create, Manage & Run Runbooks
  • Runbook Tester
  • Building Runbooks
    • Create, Add Activities, Link Activities, Configure Runbook Properties & Check in the runbook
  • Data Manipulation
  • Published Data
  • Deployment Manager
  • Runbook Activity Reference
    • Tasks


    Run system commands.


    Perform schedule-based activities.


    Monitor processes or system-level events.


    Manage file interactions such as copying and moving files.

    File Management

    Send e-mail notifications.


    Support other notification types.


    Search for or modify data within a workflow.


    Manipulate text files.

    Text File Management

    Manage workflows.

    Runbook Control

  • Runbook Samples
  • Management

  • Service Provider Foundation (Allows Hosters to design & implement multi-tenant self-service portals that integrates IaaS capabilities)
  • Integration

    • Integration Packs
  • Integration Toolkits
  • As usual, the whole SC2012 compilation can be found here in this link below
    2013 – System Center 2012 Features.docx

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